MTFRW Caring for America

Margery Christiansen, Caring for America Chair

The MTFRW Board of Directors has selected “Just for You” Boxes for this two year cycle Caring for America * project.

The majority of children coming into foster care must wait in in a Child Welfare office for at least two hours while a social worker tries to find them a suitable placement. As you can imagine, this is a time of high anxiety for kids.

The notion of a “Just For You” box is simple: while the child waits in the office, a social worker gives them a box of age appropriate items to occupy their time. They will take this box with them to their new foster home. Since many children enter the foster care system with very few belongings, the psychological importance of these boxes cannot be underestimated.

Making a “Just For You” box is a simple way to comfort a child entering foster care. And it’s a great way to get your entire family involved in caring for our community’s children. Thank you for loving children entering foster care through your “Just For You” box.

NFRRW – Caring for America Award – Deadline to State Chair – Postmarked by *June 1, 2019

Download brochures and sample form for more information.

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"Just for You" Boxes Brochure

Sample Caring for America Form