Republican Women in NW Fair Parade

Published on 09/25/11

NW Montana Fair Parade

Republican Women take part in NW Montana Fair Parade. The following articles was published in the Daily Inter Lake newspaper.

For the crowd in Kalispell, parade excitement started at 10 a.m. Friday as the Civil Air Patrol color guard and American Legion Riders led a legion of fire engine, bands, horse and riders and colorful floats down sunny Main Street to salute the 2011 Northwest Montana Fair.

But for some of those marching, driving and riding the route, festivities started in the chill of 7:30 a.m. as they queued up along Eighth Street West to nab front-of-the-line exposure. Republican entries seem to dominate the first block this year.

“We get here at 7:30 so we get a good spot,” said Lynda Collins, who co-chaired the effort along with Rachel Siblerud. “I do this every year and I love it. We’re down here having the time of our lives.”

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Stillwater Republican Women – Update & Host to MTFRW fall meeting.

Published on 07/27/11

Stillwater Republican Women (SRW) – A busy calendar – no idle hands – the old saying that a woman’s work is never done rings true. Karla & helpers are progressing on the “Patriot Wall Hanging Quilt” project. Raffle tickets are available with the winning ticket to be drawn on Sept 11th. The “Live Auction” will be featuring an array of “Baked Goods” furnished by SRW members. Make plans to attend because you won’t want to miss the opportunity to bid on these yummies. It appears that the SRW will be hosting the “Fall Meeting” for Montana Federation of Republican Women. Original date is being changed due to conflict with the National Federation of Republican Women Convention is Kansas City, Missouri. The Cobblestone School Community Center will still be the location with a tentative date of Oct 15th or Oct 22nd. The election of State Officers will take place at the meeting. Konnie Kampfer, Treasurer of SRW is on the ballot for State Treasurer for MTFRW. We are looking forward to hosting this event with a theme of “Taking Back America” along with “School Days”. A refresher course on the basics (fundamental, basic principle, factor) of the Republican by-laws: objectives: one of which is “to promote the principles of freedom, equality and justice on which the government of the United States is founded” , another is “to foster loyalty to our Country, our United States Constitution, the Montana State Constitution and the Republican Party in order to promote its ideals”. Take action today! If you share these views make a decision to join SRW.

Patriot Day Picnic – Stillwater

Published on 07/27/11

“On The Move” Stillwater Republican Central Committee are finalizing plans for the Patroit Day Picnic. A time to remember the attack on the United States of America on “9/11” says it all. No theme is really necessary when the word “Patriotism” rings loud and clear. The focus of the guest speakers will echo this message. The “Live Auction” with Rick Young, auctioneer, at the”mic” will bring a “Spirit of America” to the event. The Stillwater Pavilion (Little Metra) will be the gathering place on Sept 11, 2011 (Sunday) with a social hour 4pm and picnic 5pm. A traditional “American BBQ” with hamburgers & hot dogs plus salads galore should wet your appetite. Become an “AP” (American Patriot) this day!! Renew your committment to stand for traditional principals and values that has made America the country she is – remember the heros that has shaped this great nation. The Signers (Declaration of Independence), The Founders (U.S. Constitution – the supreme law of the land), those who have served in the military for the “cause of freedom” – the ultimate gift – their life. The “Line” is drawn.

LCRW 4th of July Parade

Published on 07/08/11

Lake County Republican Women

Great Job!

News From Ravalli Club

Published on 06/30/11

The Montana Legislative session ended two months ago, but two Ravalli County lawmakers still have a lot to say about their freshman session in Helena. Rep. Ron Ehli, R-Hamilton, and Pat Connell, R-Hamilton, were the featured speakers at the monthly meeting of the Ravalli County Republican Women in Hamilton on Tuesday.

Ehli used his time to speak about his work on the state budget. During his campaign, he said, his mantra was to reduce state government.

Ehli said that while he would have liked to have seen the budget cut by more than the legislatively-approved 6 percent, the reduction was a step in the right direction.

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Purple Heart Quilt

Published on 06/28/11
Purple Heart Quilt

Faithe Lake hold up the quilt for all to see at the MTFRW Spring Meeting

This beautiful quilt was designed and quilted by Barbara Reutlinger from Hamilton, Montana. Barbara is a member of the Ravalli County Republican Women and a renowned quilter with many awards. She researched the history of the Purple Heart Award and those women in Montana who received it.

George Washington was the initiator of the award, incorporating purple as it is the color of the sash he wore. The format may also have been used since the strongest wood available, the American Purpleheart (from Latin America), was used for gun carriages and weapons during the Revolution and could be a symbol of strength and resistance over the British hearts of English Oak (a popular English military song of the time). The Purple Heart Award also includes the Washington Coat of Arms.

The background of the quilt displays the mountains, streams, trees and “Big Sky” that were so dear to those who served from Montana. There are five women in Montana who have received the Purple Heart Award. Their information is incorporated on the reverse side of the quilt.

MTFRW President Beth Cargo Visits Clubs

Published on 05/18/11

Pictured below is MTFRW President Beth Cargo and June Mandeville -volunteer for the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce. This photo was taken at a combined meeting of the Stillwater and Carbon County Republican Women on May 11th.

Beth Cargo

Storm the Hill in Helena

Published on 03/01/11

In a joint effort the Montana Federation of Republican Women meet together in Helena in February 2011.

We traveled to Helena to our state capitol. We desire to be a part of the process and support our legislators. This activity was both fun and educational.

We were referred to as The Sea of Red.