Montana US Senate Republican Candidates

Published on 02/23/18

Please join me in thanking our MTFRW 1st Vice President, Suzzann Nordwick, for her work in compiling all the contact information for the Montana US Senate Republican Candidates. Many of you are reaching out to the candidates and having them speak at your club or LRDD. We hope this list will be helpful in the work you do to support our Republican candidates.

Montana US Senate Republican Candidates

Stillwater – Cookie Exchange

Published on 01/15/17

Here is a fun group that added some cheer to the Stillwater Cookie Exchange. The singing ladies performed at SRW December meeting —Cookie Exchange. Two ladies are members of the Stillwater Republican Women’s Club and two ladies are from Billings. They are members of the Montana Sapphire Chapter of Sweet Adelines, International. They are one of the two quartets in the chapter and the name of their Quartet is “Classic Chaos”.

Stillwater 8211 Classic Chaos

Let’s Pitch In

Published on 03/12/15

Here is an opportunity to encourage young people. We hope you will consider donating to this group.


Team Zinke and the Stillwater Republican Women

Published on 10/18/14

Stillwater Republican Women show their support of candidate Zinke. Go Team!


Display on Main Street

Published on 10/18/14

Republican Women can be very resourceful. Here is an example:

Stillwater Republican Women

Published on 08/15/13

Here are some great photos from the Stillwater club. They have taken part in three different parades this summer in their community.


Gov. Judy Martz

Published on 11/29/12

Our special guest speaker was former governor Judy Martz. Judy took office in January 2001. She shared with us the impact of that day (9/11/01) as our Governor of Montana. How the governors interacted with the various federal agencies. The grimness of the situation that State Capitals could be another target for attacks. Judy remembered 9/11.

Governor Judy Martz and SRW VP Loretta Dell

Former Montana Governor Judy Martz and Stillwater Republican Women, VP Loretta Dell

Stillwater – On the Move

Published on 10/01/12

On the Move Newsletter (newsletter from the Stillwater Republican Women)

by Shirlee Keffer

Stillwater Republican Women: The regular monthly meeting of September 12th consisted of three guest speakers that included Forrest Mandeville, Senator Jason Priest and Derek Skees, candidate for State Auditor.

September 17, 2012 marked the 225th Birthday of the United States of America. Plans have been in the works to be a co-sponsor of a “Constitutional Seminar” for Stillwater County. SRW is looking for this to be a county wide event drawing support from businesspeople & individuals. The seminar is an all day workshop on a Saturday with the instructor being from the “National Center for Constitutional Studies”. The goal is to be able to offer a scholarship for a graduating High School Senior or home schooling student with the criteria being based on the “Constitution”.

Paula Newkirk advised the group that September is the Barbara Bush Literacy Program/Literacy Month. Suggest you check out the library:“The Signers”-stories behind the Declaration of Independence and “The Founders” – the U.S. Constitution both by Dennis Brindell Fradin.

A  nominating committee was appointed for the upcoming election of officers for 2013-2014.  Under the leadership of Bertie Harper & Pat Bruce, the ladies hit Hwy 78 for a workday of collecting “Litter”.

The WWII poster of the “Rivet Lady” – flexing her muscle with the caption “WE CAN DO IT” says it all. Thank you ladies for your continued dedication & support in everything we do.

VOTE on November 6th.