House and Senate Agendas – Jan 21

Published on 01/21/21

Jan 20-22 Schedules

Published on 01/20/21

Jan 19 House Agenda

Published on 01/19/21

Jan 18-20 Schedule

Published on 01/17/21

House Schedule Jan 18

Jan 18 House Agenda

Senate Schedule Jan 20

Jan 18 Senate Agenda

Committee Schedule Jan 18-20

Jan 18-20 Committee Schedule

January 15

Published on 01/15/21

HB122 – Revising State disaster and emergency services and executive power is sponsored by Republican David Bedey (HD86). It seeks to restore the constitutional check and balance of power between the legislative and executive branches during a State of Emergency or Disaster by expanding the legislative branch’s authority for SOE that last longer than 30 days.

Former Governor Bullock called a SOE March 2020 and it is still in place today; 10 months later.Our Constitution makes no provision for suspension of civil rights during SOE such as what happened with Governor Bullock’s overreach of power during Covid-19 mandates. It severely impacted our liberty as well as our livelihood by selectively restricting businesses.

Contact the House State Administration Committee and ask them to vote yes on HB122.

Schedule for January 15

Jan 15 Senate Agenda

Jan 15 House Agenda

January 14 – 15

Published on 01/14/21

I’m attaching the information for bills being heard on the House Floor and Senate Floor on Thursday, January 14th.

Once a bill makes it to the Floor of the House or of the Senate it goes to a 2nd reading. These are interesting to watch because the bills are discussed. You may still contact legislators asking them to support or oppose a bill.

The bill is scheduled for 3rd reading a day or so later and is then voted on.

Jan 14 House Agenda

Jan 14 Senate Agenda

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Schedule for January 14-15

Jan 14-15 Schedule

MT Patriot Patrol

Published on 01/10/21

January 11 – 13

Published on 01/10/21

How To Be Involved:


Testimony and supporting documentation MUST be submitted by NOON the day before the hearing begins.

This is important information for anyone wishing to comment or testify before committee on specific bills. Participants must complete the electronic form if they want their voices on record.

Schedule for January 11- 13

January 11 – 13 Schedule


Go to and click on the WATCH AND LISTEN (shown in illustration below). If you miss one—you can go into the archive and watch it later.

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